Friday, October 26, 2012

Reasons why

Ello there ! :)
Of course I forgot to put the reason's why I'm making this list, silly me. I am making a bucket list (things I want to do before I die) Some things are just some things that sound cool to do, they interest me buuut maybe I could live without it. Some are simple little things that I would absolutely love to do before I die. Others are things that I really treasure and would like to accomplish in this journey called life. It is put in alphabetical order if you look to the right of the screen, not by interest level. I made this bucket list for an English assignment, pretty awesome assignment don'tcha think? But it also gives me an excuse and motivation to actually do somethings that I've always wanted to do :) Thank you for viewing my blog and hope to see more of my little blog :).

so i decided ima take off the things in my list that I am not particularly in love with. Like the items i feel i can really just forget about of course ill post them here though in case ur wondering at all what they were. I just feel you have the right to know.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Literature for October :)

The Masque of the Red Death
by Edgar Allan Poe

In this poem there is a plague going on and many people begin to die in horrible devastating ways. The prince decides to invite some noble and have a gathering, avoiding the devastation  In the beginning he describes the palace, the hall ways, and rooms. Then he describes closed corridors, each with different colored stained windows according to the decorations of the decorations following that  corridor. Mentioned is blue, purple, green, orange, white, violet, and black except the back one had scarlet windows. He talks about the guests enjoying their time until the clock strikes each hour, and no matter what everyone felt uneasy and odd about it. Then at the strike of twelve a masked man came, which was not out of the ordinary but his presence itself got all of the guests scared except the prince. He got irritated by him and told the people to take him and uncover his face so they knew who he was when they hung him, but no one followed his orders. The masked man walked through each corridor and the prince followed, until he got to the black corridor which everyone avoided. When he got there the prince died, then everyone came after him and when they got in the room everyone died until the last one was dead, and the masked man was gone and the candles that illuminated the palace had finished

**I've heard of Edgar Allan Poe from my brother so when I saw this poem I decided to read it, knowing about his style of writing of grief/grotesque.I would like to interpret this poem as telling the reader that no one is able to avoid death, no matter how you try and avoid it by trying to forget about the troubles. There were seven corridors in total. I would like to interpret each one as one of the deadly sins. Although their are some similar colors that represent them, like green for envy, orange for gluttony, blue for lust/sloth, and purple for pride, their is still black, white, and violet left and anger, greed left over too. "It was in the blue room where stood the prince, with a group of pale courtiers by his side." I believe that this room represented sloth. Sloth of avoiding death and not doing anything and just bid their time away.

Thee picnic

I am a very cheesy person, and all my friends know that, that's why an item in my bucket list is going on a picnic. But it cant be just ANY picnic, it has to be THEE picnic. The ones that always come out in the movies, with the red checkered/plaid sheet, woven basket, little sandwiches and everything in between. It would be cute if it was near a lake/pond and I would like to be able to feed the ducks and the squirrels. Always watching a scene like this in the movies just makes it so irresistible and just fun to watch, which makes me want to try one out too and really see how it feels to be in a "picture perfect" moment.


Making a my own manga would be so awesome since I read manga, and watch anime, frequently. So making my own manga with my own story line would be  the coolest thing ever. I've started learning how to draw and even bought a book on it
and gone to many different sites like deviantart. ( which is one site that made me want to create my own manga :) since it has a lot of talented artists there. I've been wanting to make my own manga 2 years ago and never been around to it so I hope this bucket list will inspire/motivate me to start :D