Sunday, February 24, 2013

Buried Life Update( HW :D)

Many of the students that had the project of making their bucket list and completing obviously new that they had many items on their lists that would be hard to achieve but they chose to do what they could do and didn't let opportunities just go to waste. What they did had meaning to them no matter how small that item seemed to other people. And while looking at their list and accomplishing things they realized some new things about themselves and grew from it. Although it sounds very cliche each of them grew differently and realized different things some realized they needed to change their way of doing things, others learned to be more independent when trying to accomplish their goals, others just decided to accomplish things but at a steady pace and not just rush through it all and enjoy life.

In this project I would like to see what kinds pf experience each of the items would leave me with and how it would be able to make me have a realization about life or change me. Since haven't done much id like to see how each one impacts me, it makes me wonder. To get the most out of this project I would need to actually try and accomplish these things, some that can be accomplished easily, and attempt to try at least on of the harder ones.

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