Sunday, February 24, 2013

Valentine's Day Chocolate :D

Valentine's Day is a special day for many girls all over the world, even if it was a made up holiday for the profit of companies. But this year it was different, I actually had someone to look forward to see that day :). And being the cheesy person I am I made chocolate truffles for my friends and my certain other. Although things didn't really go as planned and ended up not having enough chocolate to cover the truffles so they ended up all nasty looking. But my friends still liked it and thankfully "he" did too :).
 It was a nice day, although many people see Valentine's as a waste and how they don't believe in it and its "why only love the person more on that day? why not some other day or everyday?" simple. It's a matter of perspective. For me it's a day for us people who cant gather enough courage and use it for a chance to tell that person those feelings we hold back. So I cant half cross "Make chocolate from scratch and give it to someone for Valentine's Day"  until the day I don't use semisweet chocolate chips to make them and actually make it from scratch.
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