Sunday, May 19, 2013

6 months :)
So today is 6 months together with him :), though I realized I never said his name its kind of weird to say it. But yah today is 6 months together with Carlos and we were able to go out today :). Though my mom didn't want to take me to where we were going to go, the Burbank Mall, so she made us go there but only dropped me off at the bus stop. So today I was able to experience going by bus somewhere without my family, which has only happened once. It was fun, though we only went to one store, the arcade, and to the movies. Though at first we spent too much time at the store so we missed a showtime. So we went to one theater, then the next, but then checked again for the price, and ended up walking again to the theater outside. It was a very fun day :).
I was also able to buy the origami paper for making paper cranes and got nice paper for 3 dollars with 100 sheets.
I also noticed that it was my first time, or one of my first times I can't remember, time going to the mall without my family. Funny how it isn't with friends but my boyfriend instead.
I'm really glad I'm able to do a lot of stuff with him especially since he's graduating this year though TONS of people keep asking what I'm going to do when he leaves. We'll one thing I am not doing is breaking up with him just because of that, that's for sure.
Even though this wasn't on my bucket-list, at least I don't think it is, I'm really glad we had the chance to do this. Although this time around I don't have any pictures. So enjoy one I think fits the post :)
Funny part is that I still am not able to tell my dad I have a boyfriend and keep it from him for this long. It makes me feel bad that I'm not able to and that I keep on lying to him and makes me wonder how long I'll keep this up. At least I've told my mom about this though.
Thank you for reading :)

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