Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Obituary Assignment

In English we were suppose to write an obituary of our lives with the best possible out come ... well I didn't really know what I wanted and it made me think about what I wanted to do in life. So I chose what sounded the best the me, or at least sounded interesting to me. I am still just 16 and although college is just around the corner I still can't figure out how I want my life to come out. Although my obituary might be a stretch on how my life will be or how I would like it to be it's still something that I can consider as I plan for my (hopefully) long journey ahead of me in life :). 
"Liseli Luna was the second child and only daughter of Santa Martinez and Enrique Luna. She was born on December 15, 1996 and lived until September 7, 2082. She died from carbon monoxide alongside her husband, a painless death she would have been content with since her husband wouldn’t be sad without her, or vice versa.
She couldn’t decide what she wanted to do as a career so when she graduated high school she decided to do the thing that sounded most interesting to her and decided to become an author and own a café. She owned her café in a peaceful town and knew many of her customers personally. It was one of her countless dreams to create a café with a soothing and fun atmosphere, which she managed to accomplish (from the countless accounts from customers).
She got to travel around the world in search of the best dessert around the world visiting Paris, London, Belgium, and many other places. She also got to visit Japan countless times, and was her favorite place by far. In her house she has multiple pictures of every place she has gone to and at least on knickknack of each place. She also tried to get the recipes of each of her favorite desserts but was only given two recipes since the patisseries’’ did not want to give up their secrets so easily.
She got married on November 19, 2022 to Alan Valadez. She was able to design and get a tailor to make her dream dress, made of lace, to come to life. In her wedding the flowers in her wedding each had a meaning behind it to represent what she wanted in the marriage. She was also able to fold 1000 paper cranes for happiness of her marriage. It was a masquerade/Japanese themed/styled wedding, ( a unique mix that clearly showed her odd interests, and of course her husband was forced to wear a tailcoat to suit her tastes.) She made sure that the food was amazing and would have no less for her guests and herself. And for her honeymoon she went off to Japan to spend time in hot springs and beautiful mountain-ish scenery and then went off to another set of hot springs near the ocean.
She also tried her best to learn how to bake pies and cookies and sweets to give to her children and grandchildren and spoil them with sweets. She managed to create her own recipe book to pass down to her family so that one day maybe they could do the same.
Instead of having children she wanted to adopt since she felt no use to have kids when there were children without some to call a parent who would love to have a family. She ended up adopting three children, two boys and one girl (Josh, Zachery (Zach), and Jacquelyn). She ended up having one child of her own (Celandine) and treated them all equally and as her own. She ended up having ten grandchildren and spoiled them very much.
She was able to have one best seller novel out of the 30+ books that she wrote and one bestselling children’s book. One thing that she always wanted to do was touch a red panda, and by age 38 she was finally able to, even for just a bit, since they are endangered.
At her funeral she asks each person to, if they are thinking of bringing flowers, to get a flower with a meaning behind it, but it is forbidden to hold a meaning of grief or sadness but instead to be a meaning of joy or happiness."
 Trying to make this obituary would require 1: a lot of time, and 2: a lot of money. To be able to travel around the world takes a lot of money and I would need to learn their languages to be able to search for the best dessert or just enjoy the stay well. To own a cafe I would need to go to college and learn about business and probably culinary arts if I wanted it to be a really good cafe (which I would). I would also have to consider where I want to live and how I would want my family to live. So there would be a lot to consider and think about if I really wanted all of my obituary to come true.
Although in the beginning of the year I wrote a list of things that I felt I wanted to do before I die there were many other things that I didn't even think about that I felt happy when I did. Like going to the festival of colors(which I should blog about) or just spending time with my friends. So even if I do plan what to do in the future maybe it's the spontaneous things that counts, but who knows I should just enjoy my youth while I can. 

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  1. You should update this to what you want it to be like now :p
    (married to Alan VALADEZ with a kid named JACQUELYN, good choices)