Thursday, June 6, 2013

Finally a picnic :D
June 4, 2013 I was finally able to have a picnic. Maybe it wasn't the picnic at the park I have imagined but it was still fun. It was actually quite spontaneous actually. Around 2 to 3 weeks ago I asked my mom to take me to thrift stores to find a picnic basket, and we managed to find one at the second one we went to. It was VERY big and was greenish and a bit worn out, but it was still ok and usable. And on Saturday (May 1 I think)I went to the swap-meet in search of material that is usable for the picnic blanket/cloth/thingy and actually managed to find one close enough :D. Then on Monday in English class (It was a bit like free time to read or work on a project) I though about the read-in for the next day and thought, " if we're going to be reading the entire day can we make a picnic?" and the idea just got to me. I was able to make a picnic and started talking excitedly to my friends like, " we can make a picnic tomorrow ! with the tiny triangle sandwiches and sparkling cider :D!" and we kept planned on what to bring. Though at one point we had to look up picnic foods because I ran out of ideas besides sandwiches. So my friends all brought something: Cristal (cake), Daisy (macaroni salad), Xiomara (potato salad), Lilly (chips), Alicia (soda), Paola (herself), and Luz ( her camera). I ended up making the sandwiches and sparkling cider and the basket and cloth. It was actually fun to do. Almost better than I imagined it, even though it was not in the park. But it is something we all plan to do again hopefully in the near future and go to the park at Balboa, since there is a lake there :D, and go dresses all fancy-ish for the picnic. But it was loads of fun at the read-in, we were comfy, well at least I was most of the time, because we wore out pajamas :).

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  1. You guys were pretty darn adorable. I wish I had taken pictures.