Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hello people of the interwebs, its been a while writing something in this blog, mainly because I've forgotten about it, mainly because it was a homework assignment (and really? why would I continue  a homework blog?) well the answer to that is randomness. So much has happened and yet since I haven't written about it, it goes away. It's  a shame really.
I honestly think its been a year since I've written anything.
It's actually cute to read the stuff.
BUT I GOT TO VISIT STONEHENGE and thats amazing(check off my bucketlist), though i had no money and i couldnt buy anything even though it was one spot in england?? i was looking forward to the MOST :( !!
I TOTALLY REGRET THAT but o well. what can one do 
but hello again. 
and bye 

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